Mediation and Arbitration by Retired Judge

“I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit and once when I won one.”  Voltaire

Eyler Dispute Resolution performs all manner of dispute resolution services, including various mediation models; arbitration; neutral case evaluation; and settlement conferences in a wide spectrum of legal cases and community disputes.  Seven day per week service is provided for non-expedited matters.  Twenty-four hour service is provided for Expedited and Fast Track matters.

Why Hire Us?

Honorable James R. Eyler (Ret.) brings to the ADR process depth of knowledge of the law, an understanding of the need to achieve closure of disputes, and experience and success in resolving legal disputes. His legal career has spanned almost 50 years: 28 as a practicing lawyer in state and federal courts and as a mediator and arbitrator;  over 16 years, pre-retirement, as an appellate and prehearing/settlement conference judge on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Maryland’s intermediate appellate court; 5 years, post-retirement, as a recalled judge; and 5 years, post-retirement,  as a mediator, arbitrator, and evaluator.

The Maryland Court of Appeals approved Judge Eyler to continue to hear cases, post-retirement, as a specially assigned judge.  He has done so on a part-time basis and will continue to do so.

As a practitioner, Judge Eyler handled cases in a broad range of substantive areas of the law, as a litigator and negotiator, and was a recognized leader in the firm in which he practiced, becoming its Chairman. During his practice years, Judge Eyler received formal mediation training, performed private mediations, and served as a volunteer mediator in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.

Litigants may appeal as of right to the Court of Special Appeals. The Court’s jurisdiction extends to all cases appealed from trial courts with the exception of election law cases.  As an Associate Judge on the Court of Special Appeals, Judge Eyler wrote over 1600 opinions in virtually every area of state law and some areas of federal law. He served for 16 years as the Court’s prehearing/settlement conference judge, conducting hundreds of dispute resolution conferences, and playing a leading role in designing and implementing a pilot appellate mediation program. He received specialized mediation training in conjunction with that program and has served as a mediator in the program since its inception.

Since his retirement in early 2012, Judge Eyler has mediated, arbitrated, or evaluated a broad spectrum of cases, including disputes among business owners; race, gender, and age discrimination claims; employment disputes; contract interpretation issues; consumer disputes; medical malpractice claims; legal malpractice claims; lease disputes; credit card account disputes; torts; loan disputes; commercial disputes; construction disputes; workers’ compensation claims; equitable claims; police misconduct claims; health care issues; e-discovery issues; franchise disputes; and estate distribution issues.  Judge Eyler has served as a single arbitrator, a panel arbitrator including as chair, a single mediator, and a co-mediator.

Currently, Judge Eyler serves as a mediator, arbitrator, and neutral evaluator in matters in which he is hired directly by parties or counsel for the parties.  He is approved as a mediator, arbitrator, and settlement conference panel member by the American Arbitration Association; as a neutral by the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution,; as an arbitrator by the National Arbitration Forum,; as an arbitrator by Finra,; and as a neutral by Maryland trial and appellate courts.  See  References are available upon request.  See

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